Program Learning Outcomes

The Entrepreneurship Program  at the University of Scranton provides a unique learning experience to its students. The real-world needs more than a well‐crafted Business plan. Enterprises are about people working with people. Therefore, both technical and Behavioral skills are a vital requirement to be successful in business settings. Employers hiring undergraduate with an Entrepreneurship background value the skills we teach our students including our graduates’ proven technical abilities, to articulate new concepts and envision the needed component to materialize those ideas, as well as our graduates’ validated behavioral abilities, to be effective team members with the needed skillset to start, evaluate, and grow a business.

Career Path


In addition to the typical path of a Management major, our students may take one of three main paths:

  1. Business Owners: Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and hone the skills they need to build a new enterprise. Those enterprises will have the potential for growth and to be funded. 

  2. Project Managers: The program graduate will also be able to manage projects, and identify and pursue opportunities for innovative growth within existing organization where they may be employed

  3. Investment Bankers: Become valuation analysts in venture capital, equity financing, and M&A (merger and acquisition) market spaces.


Main Skills Learned

Technical skills:

  • Reflection and Ideation ( Business Canvas, Design Thinking) 

  • Make it Happen with Resources Planning, Management ,and Acquisition.

Behavioral Skills:

  • Team work, evaluating opportunities and prototyping to secure the first customer.

  • Scaling up and exit strategies.

General Notes:

  • As a Yellow Ribbon institution, and a welcoming environment for women entrepreneurs, we have additional tools to support veterans and women start their business.

  • All students are required to travel Globally during intersession in their senior year with the Program in the sponsored Global Practicum course.

  • Students implement their ideas in new companies or within one the Program Companies ( WayneWare, Wayne Marketing Agency, ScrantonCoin).

  • All students are encouraged to apply for the annual Business Plan Competition.