About Us:

What's Your Story Podcast is a community-focused podcast series where in each city we invite local people and interview them and hear how they ended up living in that area and the reasons behind why they chose to live there. It currently features What’s Your Story Podcast Scranton and we are planning to expand to other cities in the future.

For more: wyspodcast.com

Keigo Saito

CEO Spotlight:

Keigo Saito (keigosaito.com) has been passionate about creating unique things that don't exist yet. Keigo loves to self-teach and since his first year at the university he has taught himself Swift to develop iOS apps because he came up with an app that will make his life easier. In addition he taught himself website and mobile app UI/UX design and photography/video editing in order to better his app and website.

Check out his recent projects: keigosaito.com, ashitago.com, wyspodcast.com, scrantoncoin.com