About Us:

YuYi’s mission is to provide the modern woman an easy and effective alternative to a crucial portion used routinely in her daily repertoire. We aim to provide the best customer service alongside the highest quality gold metals and silver metals. We also aim to give 110 percent because we know the modern woman would expect nothing less. We aim to do this by providing and informing our customers with demonstrations of what our product does and how this will minimize the amount of time spent looking for a pair of earrings and also decreasing the amount of space taken up in their jewelry collection.

Belsy Gutierrez

CEO Spotlight:

Belsy Gutierrez has been an entrepreneur since the age of six. She has always been motivated to peruse the artrepreneurial arts. Her passions have always lied in the arts, more specifically, the business of arts. Some of her passions include business, fashion, jewelry, design, fine arts, and photography. Now, 15 years later, she has directed her attention into fusing two of these things into YuYi.